Barefoot In My Heart by Jill Briscoe



If you have found your spiritual life grow stale, or you are spiritually hungry, Barefoot in My Heart will help you start a fresh conversation with God.

The conversations between Jill Briscoe and her Father in Heaven are intimate, warm, and full of surprises. For many years Jill has given herself in obedience to a public ministry which has been costly and exhausting. To cope with these pressures, Jill has found joy in candid, personal prayer-conversations which form the basis for this book.

“What do we know of the living God either in our desperate moments or in our daily days?” asks Jill Briscoe. “He invites each of His children to know Him at a deeper level. It’s up to us to take Him up on the invitation. I pray this little book will set you off on a grand adventure like nothing you have known before.”

My Review:

Even the most seasoned Christian can become stale in their Christian walk. When that happens it is difficult to know where to take the first step to get back on track. Barefoot In My Heart is the the perfect book to pour living water on parched land. She leads you to passages that will bless your heart and help you find your first true love. I strongly recommend this book as a excellent source to have during your devotional time.


[author] Jill Briscoe serves at Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin as minister-at-large with her husband, Stuart. She has coauthored countless articles and more than fifty books, including devotionals, ministry guides, Bible studies, gift books, and children’s books. With Stuart and her son, Peter, she has a worldwide radio ministry, Telling the Truth. She is the executive editor of Just Between Us (, a magazine for women in leadership and ministry wives. She has advised numerous nonprofit organizations and has served on the boards of World Relief and Christianity Today.[/author]

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