Favorite Reads for 2011

This year has been a year of adjustment for me.  I began working full time.  My reviewing was a bit slower but reading is like breathing to me so I did not want to stop.  Time off during Christmas rekindled my love for reading and I am excited to say I am reading some great books that will be released later in 2012.  But I wanted to give you five books that I read in 2011 that either had me laughing out loud, or left my heart pounding with anticipation, or touched my heart.


Save The Date – Love Jenny B Jones. If you don’t read her blog you should, but warning you may subject to fits of laughter.


People of the Book – All of Kathi Macias books are powerful. I still have some on my book shelf that I plan to read this summer. They will change you.


The Queen by Steven James. I use to read Stephen King while growing up, Steven James is a nice mixture of Stephen King, Tom Clancy, and Sherlock Holmes all mixed into one.


Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh (review coming up soon). I will read whatever he writes. (Keep an eye out, he has a new book titled The Discovery coming out in April)


Unshakeable Faith by Kathy Howard, is a great bible study if you are looking for one to start out your new year.


I am excited to hear what you enjoyed reading this last year!

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