Spiritual Housecleaning - Eddie Smith

Spiritual Housecleaning

By Eddie Smith

  • Release Date: 2015-07-28
  • Genre: Christianity


New Content and Look for This Perennially Bestselling Spiritual Warfare Book

Demons are nesting in Christian homes--and even churches. Hard to believe? As Eddie and Alice Smith explain, a small opening is all it takes for evil spirits to gain access. Once in, they defile the spiritual atmosphere and damage our relationships, our ministries, our success, even our health.

We can stop these evil infestations. In this newly revised and expanded edition, the Smiths offer amazing real-life stories showing the inroads that spiritual pollution makes--and how to get rid of it. Readers will learn to detect the presence of demons, follow the seven-step biblical process of purification, and close the door behind these intruders for good.