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  • Amazing book

    By thegoose9339
    Straight to the point and easy to understand.
  • Excellent

    By andrerson546573737373737
    Nice concise review of physician financial topics.
  • Review from a Financial Professional

    By andrewpaulson
    This was a great read. Even though I studied finance and accounting in school and have worked in investing for a couple of years, this was a great reminder of how to manage your finances. Thanks to Jim and the white coat investor mission.
  • Great for Students!

    By bblank2222
    I’m a fourth year medical student and feel very fortunate to have been introduced to this information early on. I had no background in finance going in to this book but I’m inspired to continually learn! Thanks Dr. Dahle!
  • Must-read for physicians-to-be

    By Supa24x
    Succinct, easily digestible, and with a good amount of personality. I would advise any incoming medical student and beyond to continue to invest in themselves by purchasing this book.
  • Fantastic and Important Book!

    By cleach12k
    After reading this book, I get the feeling that I just added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my net worth: not by get rich quick schemes but by being given a head start into the financial world. I can easily see me wasting years and significant money through trial and error as a DIY investor having not read this book. I just graduated medical school and feel very blessed to have been recommended this book so early in my career. There is lots of great advice related to many aspects of investing. I can tell that lots of experience and time researching has been put into this book and is there to benefit anyone who is lucky enough to read it. Great book, I highly recommend it!
  • Great book!

    By Kingsleyi
    Great informative read!
  • Great resource

    By Cpcran
    I rarely take the time to review things online, but this book is worth every penny. I am absolutely confident I will refer back to its pages and recommended additional resources throughout my career as a physician. It doesn't contain any earth-shattering secrets of investing, but does a wonderful job of teaching a layman about the basic tenets of sound investing, especially when you are entering a career with a high earning potential.
  • A must read!

    By Goopooo
    I only wish I read this 5 years ago when I started investing during residency!
  • Buy this book

    By Spartywrx
    I can’t say how much I enjoyed this book. I recommend it to all my colleuges when they ask about financial advice. It is a quick read, aimed at the educated professional with not a whole lot of knowledge of finance. Take a look at that other book selling website to see how it has 5 stars and many many ratings. This book should be handed out to 1st year medical students and interns when they start residency.