Here Comes Trouble - Becky McGraw

Here Comes Trouble

By Becky McGraw

  • Release Date: 2013-01-09
  • Genre: Western


HERE COMES TROUBLEAfter a traumatic event at her job, Trauma Nurse Terri Cassidy is looking for a fresh start. She heads to her friend's place in Amarillo to lick her wounds and find work. The job she's offered may not be one she wants, though. Former attorney Joel Rhodes, a man she'd had a fling with during his nasty divorce, needs a resident medic for his dude ranch. But could she actually work for a man who told her that night she was basically one of many flavors he planned to sample?She was desperate and didn't have much choice, but she was going to make one thing clear to him. Business was business and there would not be a repeat performance of that night. She'd had enough of groping bosses to last her a lifetime. But then the unexpected happened. Being around the sexy, jaded rancher twenty-four-seven, Terri gets to know and understand him better, care about him even. She is shocked when she suddenly finds herself wanting to become the groper, which has him running from her. But then his ex-wife shows up out of the blue asking for his help, and Joel doesn't know she exists. He drops everything, including her, to try and solve the conniving woman's problems which frustrates Terri. That frustration turns to horror though when the ex turns up dead in his bunkhouse and he is at the top of the suspect list. Could she be falling in love with a killer? When he's trying to solve the murder and adds her to his own list of suspects, can she ever forgive him? Or is his accusation just a deflection to hide his own guilt?

A western romantic suspense series with hot cowboys, a dash of suspense and a lot of southern humor--the perfect recipe for Trouble. All twelve books in the Texas Trouble series can be read as standalone novels.