Sound! Euphonium (light novel) - Ayano Takeda & Nikki Asada

Sound! Euphonium (light novel)

By Ayano Takeda & Nikki Asada

  • Release Date: 2017-06-20
  • Genre: Light Novels


Finding herself, one note at a time...
After a terrible disappointment at the All-Kyoto Concert Band Competition, music has lost its spark for Kumiko. But her first year at Kitauji High School is a chance for a fresh start. So when it comes time to choose a club, she can't resist joining the band again--even though they're simply terrible. The strict new club director has promised to whip them into shape to reach Nationals, but the trouble runs deeper than just a lack of practice. Plus, the discord within the club tugs at Kumiko's old insecurities. Will Kitauji High School find its rhythm before the competition? Will Kumiko?