Linux Essentials - A Beginner's Guide To Linux Operating System - Adidas Wilson

Linux Essentials - A Beginner's Guide To Linux Operating System

By Adidas Wilson

  • Release Date: 2019-01-02
  • Genre: Computers


Linux is the only endpoint OS that is growing globally. As one person put it, "Linux is the Nikola Tesla of information technology".  This OS is used in a myriad of devices including smartphones, digital video recorders, televisions, airline entertainment systems, digital signage, automobile control systems, switches, routers, the desktop, among many others. The Microsoft Windows vs Linux OS debate will not end anytime soon. However, it is very clear that Linux is winning. If you have a hard time believing this, consider the influence of Linux on Android and UNIX-based Apple devices. The only reason Windows is still common is because of its influence on many core applications. This is about to change, and Linux is, without a doubt, the future. Microsoft has been the king of End User Computing (EUC) for about 30 years. Nonetheless, there are factors such as security concerns that are pushing EUC to the data center. Due to this, there is a desire to reduce the costs and risks that are required to maintain Windows on the edge. Linux OS offers the perfect solution for this. Linux is layered and lightweight which enables it to perform very well across many types of devices. It also offers high speed and responsiveness. Because Linux has so many inherent advantages, it is preferred for endpoint applications.