Mollie's Prince - Rosa Nouchette Carey

Mollie's Prince

By Rosa Nouchette Carey

  • Release Date: 2019-12-06
  • Genre: Drama


Rosa Nouchette Carey (27 Sep 1840 – 9 Jul 1909) was an English author of children’s literature, aimed mostly for young girls. Nellie's Memories (1868), Carey’s first novel, was inspired and influenced by stories she had told to her younger sister. Besides children’s fiction she authored some works for mature audience, including a series of four thrillers written using a penname of Le Voleur, but that part of writings was never as popular as her novels for children. Some of Carey’s works remain in print up to date. Mollie’s Prince is novel by Rosa N. Carey. Every decent girl dreams of meeting a decent prince someday. But life is no fairy tale and has much less room for wonder, or even for good luck. But Carey’s novel ignore that fact, her heroines pave with good intentions the road to happy ever after, and, most importantly, inspire you, the readers, to believe in the same. Life is no fairy tale, but there is always room for good mood. And Mollie is ready to provide!