Legacy of Light: An Epic Fantasy Romance series - Michelle Bryan & M. Lynn

Legacy of Light: An Epic Fantasy Romance series

By Michelle Bryan & M. Lynn

  • Release Date: 2020-11-27
  • Genre: Fantasy


Escape into this complete epic fantasy romance series by USA Today Bestselling authors M. Lynn and Michelle Bryan.  

Their world is broken. 
The nobility hide behind the high walls of their castles while the kingdom sinks further into starvation and strife. 
Magic once provided for the people of Dreach, but it has been many years since war stole the power from them, years since the Tri-Gard—sorcerers tasked with protecting magic—was last seen.
And now, the people wait for war once more. 

As the only daughter of the king, Rissa Renauld knows what's expected of her.
Don't practice with a sword, it's not for the princess. 
Accept an arranged marriage, it's for peace, after all.
And always remember, you're entirely ornamental.

But what if she wants to do more? To be more? 

Davion, has always known his place as the king's ward.
Do the right thing, but don't be seen. 
Act like a brother to the prince, but don't forget you're not one of them. 
And whatever you do, don't fall in love with the princess. 

Two out of three is good enough.

When a darkness threatens to destroy the kingdom, roles are forgotten, and that which was taken must be regained. 
Along with the prince and the daughter of an enemy, Rissa and Davion must risk breaking all the rules in their quest to find the Tri-Gard and prevent the ruin of everything and everyone they love. 

The Legacy of Light set includes A War for Magic, A War for Truth, and A War for Love as well as the bonus novella, Memory of War. This series features willful women, charming rogues, and a collection of characters who will face the darkness inside themselves to protect each other.