The Man for the Job - Patrick Carrick

The Man for the Job

By Patrick Carrick

  • Release Date: 2021-08-28
  • Genre: Drama


Fledgling attorney Larry Spruce is in a bind. Cleve, the firm’s senior partner, is carrying on with Larry’s wife, Penelope II, and has dubbed Larry an environmental guru when the only things Larry knows much about are contract law and English literature. The West Corcoran Storage Depot in distant Oilville has uncovered a pit of acid sludge, which is every bit as bad as its name suggests, and urgently needs an environmental guru’s services. Meanwhile, Cleve has discovered that money is missing from the firm’s trust account, and the client to whom the money belongs is scary. Can Larry take back his life, or, thanks to Cleve, will he and Carly Halloran, his environmental lifeline, meet a bloody end on the lonely Oilville Highway?